The Frederick Motor Company

Cars and trucks have changed a bit since 1917, but the Frederick Motor Company's business approach has remained the same. That's why three generations of car buyers have been coming back to The Frederick Motor Company for the widest selection, the best price, and the most reliable service after the sale. Take a step back in time for a closer look at the history of The Frederick Motor Company.

One ownership family.

The Frederick Motor Company's business approach hasn't changed since 1917 because ownership hasn't changed either. For three generations-starting with founder Robert Warfield and now owned and operated by his grandson, Jim--the Warfields have always been in charge AND on the premises. You can find Jim Warfield in the showroom every day.

Frederick County's largest Ford and Subaru inventory

The Frederick Motor Company has grown over the years to offer its customers the area's widest selection of in-stock Ford and Subaru vehicles. You're likely to find the exact model, color and features you're looking for among The Frederick Motor Company's acres of inventory. Start your search here for Ford or Subaru.

Only the best pre-owned vehicles

Our reputation rides on the dependability and the performance of our pre-owned vehicles. For this reason, very few of our trade-ins qualify for resale on our lot. Vehicles that are selected must pass a rigorous inspection. You can search for a pre-owned car with confidence by clicking here.

Value and Respect

At The Frederick Motor Company, you can expect a good value for your car-buying dollar, and you can expect our staff to be fair and attentive. That's as much about who we are as anything else. If you don't have a good experience at The Frederick Motor Company, we want to know about it.